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Professional. Personal. Discreet.

We have been in the Private Detective business for over 20 years. We have helped hundreds of people and families get the information that they need to help. We customize our investigation to fit the information you want to get in the manner that will help you meet your goal. Our services are confidential. We only share information at your request and the request of your attorney.

Bruce Tomlinson is a licensed Private Detective in the state of Kansas. He is also the retired Sheriff of Jackson County Kansas. Bruce has a BS of Criminal Justice from Washburn University. Bruce has had training from the Kansas Law Enforcment Training Center. His training includes Crime scene Photography, Accident Investigation, Fraud investigation and Supervisory training.

T&T has many connections with law enforcement agencies, courts and criminal justice agencies in Kansas. Many of the agencies we work with share information on a regular basis to help in investigations.


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